Anupa Nangla

Anupa’s interests lie in abstract art with conceptual overtones and printmaking. She finds herself drawn to patterns, folds and shapes created by the lines and curves in nature (e.g. shells and pinecones) and everyday objects (like the inside seal of olive oil bottles and patterned ribbing on plastic cartons)

This is a multi layered piece of art, in which you can see many things, you can see a random repeating pattern. Sometimes it is quiet strong, and sometimes it is quiet faded. There are edges and swirls, folds and creases, the edge of the page should be a crisp straight line, but it is not. There is a hint of another colour, so it is not quiet black and white. Maybe its telling a story of anarchy or rebellion may be its deliberate, but made to look accidental. It is in fact the sheet of newsprint used to wrap a small wooden template. Sometimes art is deliberate, and sometimes art is when we look beyond, may be we see tripe, or may be we see something amazing. Without changing location we can see stars or we can see muck, look up and wonder, look down and be mired in a harsh reality, without allowing yourself room to negotiate for something amazing, magical and childlike in its wonder.

All things, man-made, and natural, have interesting little shapes, the big things are seen, but the little things are missed.

The underside of an egg box does not necessarily make you think: lets print, but it can, it can. Lets dive into things not normally classed as ‘inspiring’ and ‘not inspiring’

This odd collection of things is art in the eye of the beholder.

It doesn’t have to be complicated, it can just be layered

The swirly GIF is a series of continuous blind drawings (made without looking at the paper) of the helicopter seeds.

I think we are all egged out at this point, in a moment of self-realization the egg pix have continuous egg line drawings made without looking at the subject.

This is the salvage remains of a home experiment in cyanotype, these are postcard sized, cyanotypes, the A5 sized ones, stubbornly refused to co-operate, without adequate sunlight. They are the six ‘lifeless’ tiles just slightly green splotches and a line running through them, where I dried them on a heater…

Below are the small cyanotypes, taped to the window ‘to cook’ and before and after they are washed.

Staying with the theme ‘That’s not how its supposed to look’, is the very long piece of recycled paper with the distinctive scribble (which just never came out strikingly vibrant with colour, except in strong lighting, possibly because the paper is brown,) and the video which is almost but not quite lined up exactly…

And now for something completely different, a box, with art in it, an art box.

And its back to something strange…

The video is in real-time, taken one frame per second, and the other two are speeded up for convenience of uploading.

This is not the end of the stream of consciousness, but the beginning, things that just happen on their own, from the end

of a pen…

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