Caroline Penn

On the shelves of memory and in the temples of the armoire” Peguy

My work often involves the home.   I am interested in houses and in the objects we choose to keep. Working with photographs, drawings, prints and found imagery as well as text drawn from our everyday conversations, I layer the analog and the digital to build a narrative and reveal the emotions and stories behind these objects.

I have used the cyanotype process, enjoying the direct contact between paper, light and the object. And I have made animations, using the flow of narrative to create an experience, concealing and revealing, much like a book.

A wardrobe is filled with the mute tumult of memories.’ Czeslaw Milosz

Recent work has explored the cupboard. Both the container and the contents. Both real and imagined. A cupboard is a portal to a hidden world. It is an archive of intimacy and order and holds a secret psychological life..

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